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Container gardens: 101

Amanda, our gardening supervisor, spends much of the winter months planning and getting ready for the colors and growth of the warmer months. We were able to catch up with her on the top of one of our client’s rooftop garden in downtown Asheville to grab some of her advice to homeowners on how to create a simple but powerful container garden.

Downtown Asheville Rooftop Garden

Gardening Supervisor Amanda on top of one of our client’s downtown asheville rooftop garden.

Her advice is ‘Thriller, filler and spiller’, as well as don’t limit yourself to conventional containers – get creative!


This becomes your focus point that grows upward, creating height that can be flowering, foliage plants or ornamental grasses. These can be placed in the back or in the middle, depending on how your container is going to be viewed.


By creating a strong center of the container, you’ll be able to bring the different parts of the container together by surrounding the thriller and a space above the spiller. Typically more rounded or mound plants, they make the container feel full and lush, as well as can add vibrant colors.


The last component of a successful container garden design is your spiller, which flows out of the planter and creates depth and flow. Depending on the viewing side of the container, you will want to be mindful of where these will want to be placed, as well as how they will grow throughout the season.

Creative container garden here at the Snow Creek Landscaping office. Made out of old wood from a job site.

Remember to use potting soil, which is specifically designed to let your creation grow to it’s healthiest and fullest. The best potting mix is one that holds moisture, and is light and fluffy, which gives your plant’s roots the perfect balance of air, moisture, nutrition as well as stability.

Check out our recent landscape DIY video at where Amanda gives our Asheville viewers some container garden advice. For folks interested in our landscaping services, give us a shout and let’s get either your containers or full landscape looking amazing!



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