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End of 2018 Specials

*** Stay tuned for new specials coming out February 2nd and 3rd to be released at the Build and Remodel Expo! Interested in coming? Learn more here.***

Already planning for 2019 projects? While we too are excited about a new year (we’re turning 30!), we’re still focusing on making the most out of 2018. That being said, we thought we’d end the year with some new promotions!

Snow Creek Landscape Services end of the year sale for your landscaping needs

Snow Creek Landscape Sales for the end of 2018.

Right now, we are getting a lot of people who call into the office thinking that they missed the boat on a new or upgraded landscape. We’ve even had requests to get on our Spring list in September. While we love planning ahead – but it’s not necessary, yet!

Asheville is a four season climate, but we use that seasonal word very loosely. There are seasons, they just don’t know what their schedule looks like. Your snowy Christmas can happen one year, while the next year you’re digging out your t-shirts. It’s weird, and unpredictable – which makes Asheville unique. Like our recent blog states, there are multiple reasons to not let go of your outdoor enthusiasm during the colder months.

So let’s get to the good stuff. In honor of living in an area where we can do certain landscape work all year – we’re having a promotion. Closing out the year in style. Letting everyone know that your landscape needs don’t have to be paused because it’s the Fall or Winter. If anything, they can be enhanced!

a fire pit on an outdoor patio of stone.Here is our 2018 hardscape specials for any contracts signed before the end of 2018.

What is qualified: Any residential home project over $3,000 that includes hardscape work (stonework, patios, retainer walls, etc).

Choose between the following specials. One per client project!

  • 6 Free deliveries of 1/4 of a chord of wood – to be delivered the first week of each Month with any purchase of a fire pit installation. Not sure about having a permanent fire pit? Well, let’s look into adding a portable one!

  • One 6 foot native evergreen tree to be planted for FREE, either on your property or somewhere else (within 20 miles of our shop). Whether you want a living Christmas tree or planting a memory – let’s green up these colder months.

    • *Tree does not fall under warranty if not planted on the same property as original job. Alternative properties must have property owners signed permission.
  •  18% off hardscape material on your final contract.

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