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Irrigation, drainage and rain gardens

drainage2Each property has a unique flow to it, which can lead to potential rain damage if not designed and maintained properly.  We specialize in working with you and your environment to create a drainage system that functionally takes water away from important structural areas, while at the same time looking clean and welcoming. Puddling and over-saturated yards can create unwanted situations such as high mosquito levels, excess mud, and overflow that creates structural damage to either you or your neighbors.

Whether creating it’s own flow through landscape construction or installing systems to help work with extra rain fall, our team is dedicated to coming up with a solution that fits your needs.

Ramsaur 2How we can benefit your landscape with proper drainage:

  • Create rain gardens that are designed to help manage water overflow, without loosing any aesthetics.
  • Utilizing water-loving native plants to soak up that extra rain!
  • Build correct drainage systems away from your walkways, paths, decks, patios, and other high traveled areas.
  • Rain barrel installations to help and preserve water for you and your garden.
  • Grade and soil assessment and construction.