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Landscape Lighting

4aWhether you are entertaining or utilize the space for personal needs, your yard should be accessible during all parts of the day. Don’t you agree?

Western North Carolina has weather that promotes a healthy outdoor lifestyle and with the addition of accent landscape lighting, you are transforming your space into a less time sensitive area. If your yard is truly an extension of your home, properly installed landscape lighting will allow you and your guests to be outside all day and night.

Snow Creek Landscaping example of landscape lightingAlong with accessibility, LED lighting and the current technology can mean that lighting your landscape can be both efficient for you and your electric bill. There are many models of landscape lighting that can work with your lifestyle, such as self timers and accessibility from a mobile device or computer. To learn more about how we can integrate lighting with your new landscape design, talk with our sales department about how you want your yard to look at all hours of the day.