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Showcase a Landscape That Represents You.

A 5 step assessment to help make sure you’re showcasing the true you.

For a lot of homeowners, landscaping isn’t necessarily a priority. As professional landscapers, we also know not to take offense to this. We work with people from all backgrounds, ages, and at various stages of being a homeowner. From the first time buyers, to seasoned ‘real estate-ers’ who know the market, home inspections, and the perfect harmony between DIY and calling for help. They all call, we answer, and most of the time – we learn that their current landscape situation isn’t exactly representing them correctly.

Even though we’re typically the last on the list of home improvement specialists, we know – deep down – that we’re the most important ones. For one, horticulture and agriculture are extremely important to our success as humans. Secondly, have you ever driven by what you perceived was an “abandoned” home, only to find out that it’s indeed inhabited? Or on the flip side, actually had to physically lift your chin up from the ground as you cruise by a home / amusement park hybrid?

Now when we ask these questions, take into account that we aren’t looking to pass judgement on one’s abilities to maintain, afford or physically create their dream landscape design. In fact, we’re the opposite. We want to help enrich lives, naturally, and we understand that everyone is at a different stage of their life. Take this as an exercise to assess your 2020 goals and resolutions with a clear vision on what your landscape is saying about you.

Puns fully intended both on and off the yard.

For each of the categories below, try and give a true assessment on whether or not your yard is truly representing you as an individual or family.


Now this is a given, yet it’s often overlooked with new projects. This is also one of the first questions we ask any new client when we begin our consultations on new landscape work. That water feature is going to look beautiful tucked next to your driveway, but how is it going to be maintained with each season? Those ornamental grasses are absolutely stunning during the summer and fall months, but who is going to do those seasonal cutbacks to promote healthy and vibrant regrowth?

There are so many tasks associated with a properly maintained landscape, so be realistic with your abilities to keep it healthy. A minimal landscape that’s well taken care of is more inviting than an overgrown jungle with good intentions.


Colors are such a simple, yet complex part of what makes us all unique individuals. Some people gravitate towards more soft earth tones, where others want the full colors of the rainbow on display – all year round.

There are many studies that show how colors can affect your mood and emotions throughout our day, which is why from an early age we tend to surround ourselves with items that make us happy. Your preferred color palette may not necessarily give other’s inherent joy, but that’s okay. With interior design, we wouldn’t think twice about changing the colors to make it more enjoyable – so why not do the same with your outdoor living area?

Think about the outside of your home and whether or not it truly represents the “colors” of you.

Outdoor Accessories.

Take a look at your outdoor accessories, whether seasonal decor or permanent outdoor furniture, and ask yourself whether it’s truly fitting of your style and functional needs. If you don’t have anything out there – why not?

Whether it’s outdoor furniture that lost it’s style, or items that have lost their structural components with age, both may be inhibiting you to fully enjoy your outdoor living area. Create a list of all your outdoor accessories, such as decor and furniture, and either eliminate or add items that encourage you to spend more time in your yard.

Accessories undoubtedly show a homeowners level of intentions and use of their yard. Simultaneously, accessories can also encourage homeowners to use their outdoor living space more. If you build – they will come!


We chose to use the verbiage ‘variety’, because styles are extremely individualized to the person. A minimal mix of plant species, materials and colors is just as valued as one that has 100’s.

Take a look around at your yard and really assess the amount of varieties you have going on. If it’s too cluttered, try eliminating the extra that just doesn’t fit. Likewise, if it’s too plain, what are steps that are possible for you do to this year to get it more in line with your style.

Varieties of plant species, also comes into account when assessing your yard and it’s ability to flourish. Additionally, doing research on types of stone, wood or other building materials can both enhance and compliment other components of your home. From container gardens, to a front-and-center patio area, the diversity within your landscape tells a whole story.

Being intentional with the design.

While all of the categories above will hit on this topic, we often ask clients to really think about their needs versus wants. With all things in the natural world, our yards – and us – grow with each passing year. While it’s completely acceptable to live in the moment, it doesn’t hurt to take a step back and look at the project from a 30,000 ft view.

Here are just few questions to ask yourself whether your being truly intentional with decisions about your landscape project.

How does this part of my outdoor living space make me feel, as well as everyone living here?
Will this help our property value if we should need to move?
Is it worth spending a few extra now, or waiting until we can spend more, on getting it just right?
Am I placing this species of plant in the right area?
Even though don’t I have much space for landscaping, is there something I can do (if that’s what I want)?

Hindsight is 2020, so take a minute to check in with your local landscaper if you just aren’t 100% sure about your project or need guidance. We can typically ask all the questions you’ll want to answer before starting a project.

Since 1989, we’ve been helping residents of Western North Carolina reach their landscaping needs in an effort to enrich lives, naturally. Looking for someone to help you reach those needs? Let’s talk!

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