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Understanding the Growth and Change around you: Landscapes and Asheville

By Snow Creek Landscape Services




It’s no secret that Asheville and the greater Western North Carolina is growing. The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains are calling – and people are listening. As a local landscaping company that turns 30 this year, we’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of that growth. Rolling hills have turned into developments for both residential and commercial properties, which in turn house the relationships that have strengthened our community.

Change, however, isn’t always that simple. Things that were once established, may be altered or even removed, which in turn create new experiences and emotions. It’s a complex dance that can be a wonderful thing when done correctly.

As landscapers, we see the world through a different perspective. For us, that complex dance really comes down to the relationship we have with our environment. Whether you’re actively involved in changing your environment, or just watching Asheville grow around you, use these helpful reminders to make the best of your situation.

Fully Understand What’s Already Established.

Every area is unique to it’s regional climate and topography, as well as soil types and conditions. Regardless of whether you’re building an entirely new home or revitalize an existing landscape, you’ll need to understand what’s already been growing on the property. As we know, established roots of existing grasses, shrubs and trees literally hold the soil in place and play an important role in its current ecosystem.
Understanding this is vital when changing one’s environment. Not understanding what’s established, will often lead to long term issues with erosion, drainage and home foundations.

With any new additions to the environment, it’s best to understand what’s already there. Once you do that, you can make informed decisions that take into account both the environmental and cultural impacts it’ll have.

Utilize the Existing Foundation to the Fullest.

In the last few years, we’ve had the opportunity to watch properties grow and develop. New homeowner’s love the home, but not the yard, while at the same time developers are utilizing the space they are given to create the best experience for their clients. Just recently, we had the opportunity to work on the new Foundry Hotel in downtown Asheville, which has both revitalized and utilized a building that has a rich history to this area. By embracing the original buildings, which formerly manufactured steel for the Biltmore Estate and other Asheville structures, they have built upon the history and subsequently incorporated it into the growing beauty of downtown Asheville.

We often suggest using established features and designing around them whenever possible. This continues to help strengthen the foundation of your environment, while at the same time bringing additional changes to your life.

Consciously Embrace the Change.

Working on a sod job at the the Grove Park in.We don’t have to always agree with change, but acknowledging it’s current form can help you respond in the best way. Whether you chose to initiate change in your landscape, or it stumbled upon you – embrace it as best as you can. More often than not, many of our clients need to alter than environment because of changes near them. For example, trees are often taken down on another person’s property that directly affects the neighboring homes. This sudden change creates sunny areas that were once shaded, or new views that aren’t as desirable. In this case, a person is left with the choice to overcome a new challenge to the best of their abilities.

When the shade of a fallen tree is no more, new growth and beauty can begin to shine. Whether using the new sun to create an edible garden, or plant new shrubs and trees, we can focus our energy on something positive and beautiful. As Asheville continues to grow, we are also gifted with new experiences and relationships that we can
embrace to better ourselves.

Plan for Growth.

Planning ahead is key to any successful change in life. Whether it’s staring a new home or business, we want to try and glimpse into the future as much as possible. When building any new landscape or altering the environment, we want to plan with the
understanding that the natural world grows. This is why you’ll often see smaller shrubs placed further apart, with the intentions that they’ll grow closer together and fill out.

Whether you work with our designers, or design your own landscape, make sure to really think about the long-term plan. Think about where you and your yard would like to be in one, three and 10 years down the road.

As always, our team is incredibly thankful and committed to serving the community of Western North Carolina. As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we’re both reflecting on our history and looking towards the future growth that we’re ready to embrace. Let us know how we can help you with your landscape project this year.

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