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Why Pavers are Key to a Successful Outdoor Living Area

The past year has really shown people that more intimate, outdoor gatherings can be done at home. Creating a space that is both comfortable, and functional, is key to an outdoor area that creates a lifetime of memories. This season, take time to consider investing in an outdoor area that lasts, by utilizing pavers within your design.

Durability and Strength

We have clients that heavily use their paver driveways and patios, and have yet to notice negative impacts of constant use and impacts from the weather. With a variety of sizes, shapes and textures – you can achieve a strong, yet aesthetically pleasing, foundation to your outdoor area isn’t going to need additional support throughout the years.

They Maintain their Form

Unlike poured concrete, or cemented stone/pavers, using interlocked pavers allows for the ground to gently move, while creating a hard service for you to use. With any slight move of the earth, the pavers adjust themselves to accommodate the change while keeping the integrity of the overall structure. Additionally, it prevents cracking and additional maintenance down the road (or driveway, pathway, patio).

Style, Color and Diversity

With so many varieties of pavers for patios, walkways and driveway, it becomes really easy to design your landscape around the exterior of your house. A seamless transition from the indoors to outdoors really pulls the landscape design together.

The variety of options allows you to think of them more as an architectural accent to your home. Our team loves to take the time in really choosing the right color palette and style that will bring your entire property together.

Along with the initial selection of styles and colors, you can rest easy knowing that the pavers we use will hold their original state for years to come. By selecting quality pavers, we are confident they will maintain their structural and aesthetic appeal.

Low Maintenance

Like any hardscape feature, there is rarely is a ton of maintenance.  General clean up means getting rid of debris and occasional weeds that find themselves a nice spot to grow in. If you are interested, many of our clients like to use natural crawling plants like moss or creeping thyme to fill in areas of their paver work. Additionally, pavers can be cleaned and sealed to help keep color and protection to the elements.

Easy to Replace and Improve.

Should there become a situation that requires replacing, doing so is easy and much more friendly to work with over the years. Whether you want enhance with additional work, or fix a few spots, it’s a style that is flexible to work with with the right approach. The long term cost benefit on pavers is one of the more desirable traits about this service, as repairing pavers is much less than concrete slabs or other hard service solutions.

Weather and Vehicle Resistant

Pavers are meant to last. You can see this in historical places around the world, where bricks and cobble stone pathways and roads are still intact. Pavers, which can be made out of natural stone, brick, concrete and other materials, are individually strong, but allow flexibility as a whole.


Long-Term Cost Benefit

While there are cheaper initial alternatives, such as a pouring concrete or gravel, the long-term benefit of pavers is what separates this hardscape option. Replacing is easy and affordable, plus their durability prevents the need to replace them under normal situations.

Interesting in creating an outdoor living area in the Western North Carolina area? Learn more about our hardscape solutions, or contact us today. We offer free quotes, as well as various consultation and design packages for those who need support in creating their dream outdoor area.


What to think about before designing your yard

Reaching your outdoor living goals:

Four areas to think about before designing your outdoor living area.

There is no doubt that many around the world are eagerly embracing a new year. As a local landscaping company in Western North Carolina, we’ve seen a definite increase of homeowners that were looking to expand their outdoor living space. Whether to host small gatherings or just have additional space away from the family, the need to fully utilize every inch of one’s property is trending – and rightfully so!

Creating more functional outdoor spaces on your property is an excellent goal to have. It increases property value (if done correctly), the amount of usable living space, and promotes an overall healthy outdoor experience.

What’s happening on the property currently?

Many clients call us with an idea in their head, but aren’t comfortable with the process to reach their goal. During our consultation sessions, we often discuss the steps it takes to get their dream landscape, which sometimes means heavy modification of the current land. The best way to really start an outdoor project, is to really understand the property.

The topography of your property is extremely important in a landscape design, as proper drainage and grading is essential for the safety of you and your home. The best design and implementation will successfully promote water moving away from any foundation or high traffic area. Additionally, retaining walls and slope management can provide
extra usable space if your property isn’t flat, which is common in WNC.

The amount of sun and shade an area receives will significantly impact the microclimate that is your property. Breaking down your area into four categories: full sun, partial shade or deep shade; will help you identify the plants that will thrive or struggle in those areas. Additionally, you can alter your property to either enhance one or the other to tailor to your preferences.

What’s my overall theme of my project?

The theme of your design is ultimately the driving force behind your investment. It’s the reason you’re taking time, money and energy to alter the land. A theme could be the need to host larger outdoor parties, or the desire to brighten up the neighborhood with seasonal colors.

In most cases, the outdoor area should enhance and reflect certain aspects of your home. Identifying if a symmetrical or asymmetrical design will work is a mix of personal preference and what’s capable with your land.

Point out key characteristics around your home that you’d like to be focal points, like entrances or views from inside, then work out from there. Many of our clients want use plants that compliment their interior and exterior colors, patterns and textures. This also includes architectural structures and hardscape features, like patios and pergolas.

We often suggest driving through the neighborhood, or searching examples online, that can help influence your
design. If you decide to use an outside party for both design and installation, this information is great to bring to your consultation sessions.

While your landscape design is meant for you to enjoy, take into account who will be enjoying the property in the future. If you see yourself selling the property eventually, think about how that could translate to a new homeowner down the road. If you plan on growing a family in the home, think of future plans that might involve more activities.

What do I want the most out of my investment?

Being in the industry for over 30 years, we’ve worked with clients at all stages of home renovation projects. More often than not, we have to really center people back to the beginning steps and overall process. After you developed your theme and style, it’s great to look at the each step it will take to achieve your goals.

Once you recognize what’s important, you can allocate resources, like time and money, appropriately. If a
retaining wall is needed to achieve a much desired paver patio, then look at different styles and techniques to help fit it all within your budget.

There are so many different types of materials and techniques. Sometimes it just means playing around with
different products to get the most out of your investment.

How much privacy do I want?

Western North Carolina is an extremely desirable area, which inevitably means more homes being  constructed. Depending on your property and where you live, you may be subject to surrounding properties being developed on. It’s often overlooked as part of the design process, but taking into account your surrounding properties can really benefit you over time.

Privacy is very much an individual preference for many homeowners. For some, they don’t want to hear, see or interact with their neighbors, while others are an open book.

A common design is more about aesthetics in the front yard and privacy in the back.

If you are looking to create more of a private area in your outdoor living space, there are ample opportunities for both natural and custom built fencing. With a natural fence out of trees and shrubs, we typically suggest
layering to create depth within your yard. Utilizing fencing material in a landscape design is also a great way to take advantage of your property, especially if you have kids and pets.

If you’re looking to invest in your landscape this year, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts. We’ll walk you through the process, solidify what’s going to bring you true happiness, and help you achieve your outdoor goals.

Showcase a Landscape That Represents You.

A 5 step assessment to help make sure you’re showcasing the true you.

For a lot of homeowners, landscaping isn’t necessarily a priority. As professional landscapers, we also know not to take offense to this. We work with people from all backgrounds, ages, and at various stages of being a homeowner. From the first time buyers, to seasoned ‘real estate-ers’ who know the market, home inspections, and the perfect harmony between DIY and calling for help. They all call, we answer, and most of the time – we learn that their current landscape situation isn’t exactly representing them correctly.

Even though we’re typically the last on the list of home improvement specialists, we know – deep down – that we’re the most important ones. For one, horticulture and agriculture are extremely important to our success as humans. Secondly, have you ever driven by what you perceived was an “abandoned” home, only to find out that it’s indeed inhabited? Or on the flip side, actually had to physically lift your chin up from the ground as you cruise by a home / amusement park hybrid?

Now when we ask these questions, take into account that we aren’t looking to pass judgement on one’s abilities to maintain, afford or physically create their dream landscape design. In fact, we’re the opposite. We want to help enrich lives, naturally, and we understand that everyone is at a different stage of their life. Take this as an exercise to assess your 2020 goals and resolutions with a clear vision on what your landscape is saying about you.

Puns fully intended both on and off the yard.

For each of the categories below, try and give a true assessment on whether or not your yard is truly representing you as an individual or family.


Now this is a given, yet it’s often overlooked with new projects. This is also one of the first questions we ask any new client when we begin our consultations on new landscape work. That water feature is going to look beautiful tucked next to your driveway, but how is it going to be maintained with each season? Those ornamental grasses are absolutely stunning during the summer and fall months, but who is going to do those seasonal cutbacks to promote healthy and vibrant regrowth?

There are so many tasks associated with a properly maintained landscape, so be realistic with your abilities to keep it healthy. A minimal landscape that’s well taken care of is more inviting than an overgrown jungle with good intentions.


Colors are such a simple, yet complex part of what makes us all unique individuals. Some people gravitate towards more soft earth tones, where others want the full colors of the rainbow on display – all year round.

There are many studies that show how colors can affect your mood and emotions throughout our day, which is why from an early age we tend to surround ourselves with items that make us happy. Your preferred color palette may not necessarily give other’s inherent joy, but that’s okay. With interior design, we wouldn’t think twice about changing the colors to make it more enjoyable – so why not do the same with your outdoor living area?

Think about the outside of your home and whether or not it truly represents the “colors” of you.

Outdoor Accessories.

Take a look at your outdoor accessories, whether seasonal decor or permanent outdoor furniture, and ask yourself whether it’s truly fitting of your style and functional needs. If you don’t have anything out there – why not?

Whether it’s outdoor furniture that lost it’s style, or items that have lost their structural components with age, both may be inhibiting you to fully enjoy your outdoor living area. Create a list of all your outdoor accessories, such as decor and furniture, and either eliminate or add items that encourage you to spend more time in your yard.

Accessories undoubtedly show a homeowners level of intentions and use of their yard. Simultaneously, accessories can also encourage homeowners to use their outdoor living space more. If you build – they will come!


We chose to use the verbiage ‘variety’, because styles are extremely individualized to the person. A minimal mix of plant species, materials and colors is just as valued as one that has 100’s.

Take a look around at your yard and really assess the amount of varieties you have going on. If it’s too cluttered, try eliminating the extra that just doesn’t fit. Likewise, if it’s too plain, what are steps that are possible for you do to this year to get it more in line with your style.

Varieties of plant species, also comes into account when assessing your yard and it’s ability to flourish. Additionally, doing research on types of stone, wood or other building materials can both enhance and compliment other components of your home. From container gardens, to a front-and-center patio area, the diversity within your landscape tells a whole story.

Being intentional with the design.

While all of the categories above will hit on this topic, we often ask clients to really think about their needs versus wants. With all things in the natural world, our yards – and us – grow with each passing year. While it’s completely acceptable to live in the moment, it doesn’t hurt to take a step back and look at the project from a 30,000 ft view.

Here are just few questions to ask yourself whether your being truly intentional with decisions about your landscape project.

How does this part of my outdoor living space make me feel, as well as everyone living here?
Will this help our property value if we should need to move?
Is it worth spending a few extra now, or waiting until we can spend more, on getting it just right?
Am I placing this species of plant in the right area?
Even though don’t I have much space for landscaping, is there something I can do (if that’s what I want)?

Hindsight is 2020, so take a minute to check in with your local landscaper if you just aren’t 100% sure about your project or need guidance. We can typically ask all the questions you’ll want to answer before starting a project.

Since 1989, we’ve been helping residents of Western North Carolina reach their landscaping needs in an effort to enrich lives, naturally. Looking for someone to help you reach those needs? Let’s talk!

About Us

Established in 1989, Snow Creek Landscaping provides a full range of landscaping services to residential and commercial clients throughout WNC.

Believing that landscapes should reflect our uniquely
beautiful region, we create sustainable environments
using native and appropriate plants and materials. Our
innovative approach and steadfast commitment to
customer satisfaction have earned us recognition as an industry leader.

Four Simple Tasks to Greatly Enhance Your Relationship with Nature this Summer

For us as local landscapers, the spring and summer are the busiest seasons of the year. We’re making the most out of these long and sunny days, making sure each project is successful and every client comes home to a healthy and happy landscape.

Interestingly enough, even we need simple reminders to help us stay connected with the natural world around us. You can be surrounded by it every day and still need gentle reminders to appreciate its complex natural beauty.

So for this summer, we want everyone to really embrace nature through these simple, yet super impactful ways to experience nature. Whether you’re new to understanding your authentic relationship with natural world, or a seasoned naturalist, we can all benefit from more intentional connections with the world around us.

Get Creative with a Container GardenContiner Garden Ideas Asheville NC

Study after study reveals that gardening has such a positive impact on our overall physical and mental health. From giving us a sense of responsibility, to allowing us to truly connect to the cycle of life – it creates an opportunity to enhance your relationship with both the natural world and your authentic self.

While the sound of a container garden seems rather restricting, it’s actually very much the opposite and leaves plenty of room for creativity. Growing plants exclusively in containers, instead of the ground, also allows everyone to experience gardening at any scale regardless of one’s access to ground space.

When choosing the perfect plant, make sure to understand the proper temperature and lighting it will require. Whether it needs shade, partial or full sun, the placement of your container is key to your plants success. In any home and garden store nowadays, it’s easy to find the correct potting soil and species of plants that can grow successfully together.

Additionally, think outside the box – or container – and don’t restrict yourself to the more common containers found at the store.  Depending on your decorative styles, you can really incorporate colors, textures and shapes into your space. From old boots and sinks, to wine barrels and common house hold objects – the opportunities are truly endless. Whatever you choose to use, however, make sure it has the proper drainage and space to allow the roots of your plant to be happy and healthy.

Spend 20 Minutes a Week Really Noticing your Relationship with Nature – without Technology

A genuinely hard skill to learn is being in the present in the moment. To focus on the world around you, while letting go of the past or worrying about the future. For some, this can be a skill that requires attention and practice with a daily routine.

One of the best tools to help you be in the moment is to allow nature to assist in calming your mind and body. To focus your senses on the natural world around you – embracing each one and moving on to the next. Take to really think about the relationship each organism around you has with its ecosystem, from the bees pollinating the flowers, to the wind moving each individual leaf.

Want to truly enhance your experience with nature? Try it without your phone or any technology

There are so many wonderful advances that technology has given us – that’s without question. Even though one can find thousands of nature-themed apps that promote the environment and our experiences, it still doesn’t compare to embracing and giving your full attention to the natural world around you. With any technology, we should always ask – does it enhance our relationship with nature, or pull us further apart?

So for 20 minutes, whether in your backyard or local park, be present with nature this summer. It’s the perfect time of year to experience the colors, growth, smells and sounds that make up this beautiful earth – so enjoy it!

Grow Something You Can Eat

It’s truly an experience to grow your own food and we think every person should experience that feeling at least once in their life. As a landscaping company, we are constantly suggesting and moving clients to
incorporating a more edible landscape into their home. Whether it’s a specific area for a vegetable garden, or enhancing their yard with herbs strategically placed throughout more floral arrangements – the end results are always overwhelmingly positive.

For example, our own office located in Arden, North Carolina, has blueberry bushes located throughout the property. It’s easy to take a break outside and simply reach out for a sugary treat – straight from the source. It’s the small things in life.

Growing your own fruit, vegetable or herb can also really help you understand and appreciate the origins of your food. Depending on your dedication, it may even help you make better lifestyle choices about what and how much you consume. What started with a simple herb garden, may turn into a growing vegetable garden with each season. Start simple and learn to grow with your experiences.

On another note, if it doesn’t work – that’s okay. We often try to control everything around us, which has been ingrained into our daily routines since an early age. When it comes to growing any plant, you sometimes have to accept and embrace what nature has to offer. Take time to really
understand the process of it all.

Watch the Sunset

Western North Carolina is home to some of the most amazing views in the country. From the Blue Ridge Parkway, to the many mountain top trails, you can find amazing views while still being minutes from the energy of Downtown Asheville.  In the past decade, many of the buildings in WNC have been opening up their spaces to allow outdoor areas where people can embrace the beautiful mountains that we call home.

One of our top requests we get from clients, is to have a space where they can relax and watch the sun go down. To be able to stay within the comforts of their home, but experience one of nature’s greatest light show. It’s a small but powerful enhancement to their home.

There will always be something special about watching the sunset. Whether with friends, family, or alone with the universe above you – it’s one of the best ways to end your day. Another reason that summer has such meaningful sunset experiences is because by the time the sun does go down, it genuinely aligns closely with your natural sleep schedule.

Whether from a rooftop, mountain top, or your cozy backyard, this easy activity is also one that is
completely unique to just you. From your view, location, and time – it’s all yours. There will never be another just like it, so embrace it.

While these tasks are simple, they can have such a large and positive impact on your physical and mental health. It’s the small things in life that we learn to appreciate and hold close to us as we get older, so make sure to include the natural world around you in those day to day activities.

Our new fleet vehicle with the new brand.Looking for a landscaper in the Asheville area? We’ve been around for 30 years, enriching the lives of our clients with award winning landscape work. From landscape management to installation, we are able to support all of your landscaping needs. Call our office today to set up an appointment with our one of our team.


Understanding the Growth and Change around you: Landscapes and Asheville

By Snow Creek Landscape Services




It’s no secret that Asheville and the greater Western North Carolina is growing. The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains are calling – and people are listening. As a local landscaping company that turns 30 this year, we’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of that growth. Rolling hills have turned into developments for both residential and commercial properties, which in turn house the relationships that have strengthened our community.

Change, however, isn’t always that simple. Things that were once established, may be altered or even removed, which in turn create new experiences and emotions. It’s a complex dance that can be a wonderful thing when done correctly.

As landscapers, we see the world through a different perspective. For us, that complex dance really comes down to the relationship we have with our environment. Whether you’re actively involved in changing your environment, or just watching Asheville grow around you, use these helpful reminders to make the best of your situation.

Fully Understand What’s Already Established.

Every area is unique to it’s regional climate and topography, as well as soil types and conditions. Regardless of whether you’re building an entirely new home or revitalize an existing landscape, you’ll need to understand what’s already been growing on the property. As we know, established roots of existing grasses, shrubs and trees literally hold the soil in place and play an important role in its current ecosystem.
Understanding this is vital when changing one’s environment. Not understanding what’s established, will often lead to long term issues with erosion, drainage and home foundations.

With any new additions to the environment, it’s best to understand what’s already there. Once you do that, you can make informed decisions that take into account both the environmental and cultural impacts it’ll have.

Utilize the Existing Foundation to the Fullest.

In the last few years, we’ve had the opportunity to watch properties grow and develop. New homeowner’s love the home, but not the yard, while at the same time developers are utilizing the space they are given to create the best experience for their clients. Just recently, we had the opportunity to work on the new Foundry Hotel in downtown Asheville, which has both revitalized and utilized a building that has a rich history to this area. By embracing the original buildings, which formerly manufactured steel for the Biltmore Estate and other Asheville structures, they have built upon the history and subsequently incorporated it into the growing beauty of downtown Asheville.

We often suggest using established features and designing around them whenever possible. This continues to help strengthen the foundation of your environment, while at the same time bringing additional changes to your life.

Consciously Embrace the Change.

Working on a sod job at the the Grove Park in.We don’t have to always agree with change, but acknowledging it’s current form can help you respond in the best way. Whether you chose to initiate change in your landscape, or it stumbled upon you – embrace it as best as you can. More often than not, many of our clients need to alter than environment because of changes near them. For example, trees are often taken down on another person’s property that directly affects the neighboring homes. This sudden change creates sunny areas that were once shaded, or new views that aren’t as desirable. In this case, a person is left with the choice to overcome a new challenge to the best of their abilities.

When the shade of a fallen tree is no more, new growth and beauty can begin to shine. Whether using the new sun to create an edible garden, or plant new shrubs and trees, we can focus our energy on something positive and beautiful. As Asheville continues to grow, we are also gifted with new experiences and relationships that we can
embrace to better ourselves.

Plan for Growth.

Planning ahead is key to any successful change in life. Whether it’s staring a new home or business, we want to try and glimpse into the future as much as possible. When building any new landscape or altering the environment, we want to plan with the
understanding that the natural world grows. This is why you’ll often see smaller shrubs placed further apart, with the intentions that they’ll grow closer together and fill out.

Whether you work with our designers, or design your own landscape, make sure to really think about the long-term plan. Think about where you and your yard would like to be in one, three and 10 years down the road.

As always, our team is incredibly thankful and committed to serving the community of Western North Carolina. As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we’re both reflecting on our history and looking towards the future growth that we’re ready to embrace. Let us know how we can help you with your landscape project this year.