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Landscape Trends to Get You Ready for Spring

Landscape design trends of 2019

Originally written for Fine Homes & Design Magazine.

It’s that time of year again, where the cold air becomes the normal and the leaves that once clustered our tree tops are slowly breaking down back to soil.The holiday season events came and went out with the welcoming of a new year, while everyone hustles to accomplish their New Year’s resolutions. It’s that time where we turn our attentions back to ourselves, as the winter months are great for reflection and planning. As a local landscaping company of 30 years, we always use the winter months to embrace and plan for the warm rush of spring.

We invite you to see winter as an opportunity to assess your home landscape and really dive into what really makes you happy. Be intentional and choose wisely to really get the most out of your outdoor living area. If you find yourself inside escaping the cold weather, check out our quick list of landscape trends for 2019. These are comments, questions and projects that we see increasing

First, always figure out your main reasons for wanting – or needing – an
outdoor living area. A few questions to ask yourself initially are:

What can we have that will make us use our space more?
Is it just for us or guests?
How can I make each of my five senses happy in my landscape?
What materials do I want to use?
What is our budget and long term plan?

While there are many more to ask, these can get you started with intentionally planning your dream outdoor living area.

“I saw this amazing style here, but really resonate with this one area there, while at the same time…” says every person who ever started a new landscape project. We all learn from our experiences, whether new or old. It’s what makes unique and can ultimately lead to building our true happiness. When you see something you like, take a picture and really think of what about it makes you feel good.

Be efficient and effective with your needs. Get the most out of your yard.

Think of your landscape as a multi-tool. It can be your personal space away from the busy world, while at the same time host the party of the year. The herbs you grow smell amazing, look beautiful and bring flavor to your life. Trickling water in the distance relax you, just as much as the outdoor sound system. If you want an outdoor kitchen, plan ahead to really figure out what you would need to satisfy your cooking and hosting needs.

Don’t settle for a slab of grass with a few shrubs that don’t bring you joy. If you can’t get all your needs done at once – rate them by priority and availability.

While a great landscape is an extension of the home, it’s also a part of the natural world. Be conscious of where the water is going, what plants serve multiple purposes for both us and our pollinators, as well as maintenance practices.

Going native.

Using native plants is one of the biggest trends, and rightfully so. We’d say 90% of our clients come to us with wanting to know what plants are native and how they can be incorporated into their design. It’s a smart decision that helps keep our natural environment in balance, while at the same time allows for a higher success rate with our installed plants. It has adapted to this environment for good reason – let’s take advantage of that.

The common misconception is that going native is bland on the design, which is furthest from the truth. A vibrant landscape just takes creative planning and an understanding of what’s considered native to that area.

Edible landscapes

Growing your own food can be a wonderful experience, whether it’s a small hobby or main source of your meals. It also creates a great life lesson to truly know where your food comes from, which is a topic that we should all be very aware of.

In the past, we have had people shy away from the idea of edible landscapes – just like native plants – due to it being not aesthetically pleasing. Combining edible and non-edible plant species can produce a whole new design element that will bring an interactive piece to your home.

Get creative with materials, colors and art.

Just like interior designs and trends, we’re seeing so many people opening up their color palettes and choice of materials to individualize their space. Copper and brass accent pieces, such as railings and lighting, are really starting to be used both in interior and exterior spaces. Geometric patterns are being incorporated in many outdoor rugs and cushions, while custom furniture is becoming more and more popular. You get what you pay for and people are starting to realize that!

Asheville is an area that is full of craft and people showing the world their skill. Seek out an artisan who creates a specific structure or piece of work that will be long lasting and accent your home. Hand made items that show craft, just like the initial landscape, are on the rise. Items like these really emphasis being in touch with the community and our roots as humans.

Reuse and reduce.

Thrift and antique stores are abundant, especially in the Asheville area. Festivals and events, such as the Flea for Y’all are dedicated to celebrating materials that have already been produced and lessening our waste. This use of material is a great way for design expression and to stand out.

If you haven’t yet, browse through past previous generation trends to get ideas for your outdoor area. All trends come, go and return in time (whether or not they are liked by all). At the end of the day, your home is what makes you happy and gives you joy. Make it different – make it yours.

Curb appeal is important, regardless of if you’re selling.

Whether or not you are in the market for a new home, curb appeal is important to the growth of a neighborhood, as well as personally feeling good upon coming home. The main side of a home has been pretty consistent in trends, in the sense that simple yet elegant pathways are easy to maintain and can be modified if the house were ever have to go onto the market.

Adding seasonal containers and hanging baskets, as well as scented and flowering plants along the entry way are simple ways to help your home stand out. You’ll want to be sure the colors really match the home and are full of life, but simple enough where they can be changed if needed.

There are multiple ways to design a landscape that tailors to your specific wants and needs. Our team is dedicated to understanding what makes you happy and working towards achieving your dream landscape. Whether it’s a new project, renovating old looks or estate management – we are here to help you.

Let’s work together in enriching your life, naturally!

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