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The ultimate aim of every Snow Creek project is to maintain a sense of harmony within the natural landscape around your home. Our experience and over 27 years in the industry allows us to take your plans and turn them into a reality, while at the same overcoming obstacles that may come into play and responding correctly. Our residential landscaping service is what will make you enjoy coming home.Our Snow Creek gardening crew makes sure your home is looking healthy and beautiful.

Our services for residential landscaping include:

Plant Installation
Sod Installation
Hardscapes (Retaining Walls, Walkways, Steps, Seating Areas, etc)
Boulder Work and Rock Gardens
Landscape Lighting
Irrigation, Drainage and Rain Gardens
Water Features
Art, Installations and Container Gardens
Estate Management

Our production team focuses on making your new landscape look finished. We have a staff of highly qualified naturalists, arborists, botanists, and horticulturists on our natural resource management (NRM) team to work with our designers and clients. Snow Creek uses BMP to address soil erosion and compaction, tree protection, wetland and riparian protection and preservation. Site disturbances can be developed into small meadows or no-mow lawns, along with trails, picnic areas, campsites and fire rings often from materials found on site.