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Full Service

Our services include working with our clients to complete their needs.Snow Creek specializes in understanding what you want and how to get it in both a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Our team is ready to help design an individualized landscape that enhances your home or business. Whether it’s your back yard for relaxing, company entrance, or front yard that will make your neighbors jealous – we can help! We want to encourage you to engage with the natural world in a manner that brings you joy.



Our full service includes:

Whether you are designing a new home or renovating a current landscape, we can help you get the outdoor environment that fits to your lifestyle for now and long-term. We emphasize low-impact, natural and biological means to create a lush, problem-resistant, and self-sustaining lawn. For that matter, using native grass species, we can even establish no-mow lawns. Imagine that – no mowing!

Our Process at Snow Creek Landscaping:Our sales team is dedicated to working with your needs

Sales Team:

Our sales team will work on creating the right path for you and setting you up for success. Whether it is bringing in our arborists and tree service, or individualizing the right design, plan of action and getting you set up for our production team. This is the time where we can really take a look at the entire process and make sure we are on the same page.

Production, Maintenance or Tree Crew:

Once the sales team reaches a certain stage in the development process, we will introduce the main group that you will be working with. These will be the main contacts during the installation or maintenance process. With our VP of Landscape Operations, production supervisors, and crew leader, we offer excellent customer service and pride ourselves on personalizing the landscape installation with our clients. Our VP of Operations, Gardening Supervisor, and maintenance crew leaders will learn who you are and exactly what you need.

For installations: Additional Maintenance Information / Introduction:

Whether or not you use our personalized maintenance packages, we always want our clients the maximum amount of information needed to keep their landscape looking healthy and happy. With each landscape installation, the majority of our plants are covered under warranty for a full year with proper treatment. We understand that sometimes plants just don’t make it through the process, even with the correct amount of watering and care. With our warranty, we are able to take those situations into account and make sure you are on your way.