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Rock Gardens

Crew working together to install a water feature out of stone.

Rock gardens have been an age old tradition from many cultures that help emphasize the surrounding plants and organic matter, while retaining the soil and stabilizing the ground. Using boulders and stones within our landscapes help showcase the rugged and natural look of Western North Carolina, while promoting aesthetics of the native plants.

For some of our clients, utilizing more stone and boulders helps create a yard that creates a personalized style tailored to what they like. Not everyone has to to have a plant based landscape. Creating more of a stone area does force the eye to focus on certain plants or water features. We have had customers also look to creating a more rock garden design to cut back on the amount of landscaping maintenance.

As we get to know each other, let’s decide the amount of stone and boulders that will work towards your style, needs, and overall enjoyment.