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Tree Service

Do you have trees that you care about but aren’t sure about what care they may need? Are there trees on your property that give you that uneasy feeling when a big storm hits? Do you have a tree that you need removed, but would also benefit on getting education and advice on the remaining trees? Our crew of insured and experienced arborists help local residents and commercial businesses in the area make the right decisions about managing their trees. Snow Creek’s tree service in the Asheville area is the professional solution to your tree needs.

Your trees can be an extremely valuable addition to your landscape. They add beauty, scale, and permanence to the landscape while providing shade in the summer, increasing property values, and even providing health benefits to those around.

Finding the best way to trimming a tall tree at a commercial client.

What services do we provide?

Tree Trimming and pruning

A healthy, safe and beautiful tree takes the right amount of work and understanding of how trees grow. Dead, broken and unsafe limbs or branches create a risk for both your tree’s health and your overall safety.

Pruning can help your tree reach its fullest potential, both aesthetically and structurally. As a preventative tool, it can aid in creating a better structure for a tree’s long lifetime, which also makes sure you are creating a safe and secure environment. Pruning can at times be used to redirect or contain growth when space is an issue.

Pruning for views is a specialty at Snow Creek. We work with your trees to create windows to frame your views while retaining your trees’ value for aesthetics, shade, habitat, and erosion control.

If a tree limb falls in the woods, not many people hear it. If a tree limb fall’s on your car, neighbor or home – it isn’t going to be a quiet situation. We are here to help you prevent this!


Tree removal

There are many reasons for removing a tree in your yard. For some, it’s protecting their home from the potential damage that a dead, dying or structurally unsafe tree creates. Others may have construction needs that require having a tree removed in their yard. Whatever the reason, our tree service will work with you to make the process easy, educational, and more importantly – safe.

Tree education, service and maintenance

Not everyone gets as excited about trees as our team of arborists – and that’s a fact! Our tree service and maintenance is the first step in making sure your trees get the correct attention they need. This is beneficial for the health of the trees AND you, your family, friends and/or clients.

Reasons for using our tree services:

Dead, dying or structurally unsafe tree growth.
In the way of construction or personal needs.
Damaged from a storm.
Well-being of surrounding plants and trees.
Root system is damaging a structure like sewer, property or foundation.

Give us a call and let us make the right decision together.